| Rumi’s Cave Retreat 2017
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Rumi’s Cave Retreat 2017



23rd – 30th August 2017

Applying Knowledge in Context

led by Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir.


We will be studying through the prestigious book of Imam Al Ghazali’s “Ayyuhal Walaad,

Oh my dear Son / Daughter” The shaykh states, “My dear beloved son! It’s very easy to give this advice to all the people of the whole world but it’s very difficult to act upon it oneself. It’s because, those in whose hearts the pleasures of the world and following of their desires [from the lower self] dominate, they find the advice and guidance bitter. These people’s hearts are trapped in the worldly desires and pleasures.” In a time where we attend a plethora of courses, lectures and spiritual retreats. We are trying to not just carry our sacred traditions and knowledge in our notebooks but put it into practice. We will be learning through the traditional way, studying and completing this text. Hopefully applying these practises in our daily lifes, God willing. Come learn, ponder, explore, contemplate and rejuvenate at this year’s retreat.