| Alqueria de Rosales in Spain
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Since 1994 Alqueria de Rosales is the home of Azzagra Culurual Foundation. Located in Andalucia, north of the city of Granada, surrounded by a natural park (Sierra de Segura); was founded to support the goals of the foundation, which are the creation of bridges of peace and understanding between the people through the culture, history and knowledge.

You can enjoy our venue attending any of our cultural, educational or humanitarian programs during to whole year. You can travel with your family to enjoy some days of relax, or you can visit us to attend some of our retreats.

  • Message from the Founder

    Message from the Founder

    On 1980 I discovered the beauty of Islam, the peace that gives to your hearth and the harmony that gives you soul. We are a family that believes that through knowledge and good sample and respect can make this world much better place for all. You are welcome to come to our family land and be part of this great human project.

  • Alqueria de Rosales

    Alqueria de Rosales

    Rosales is the original name of the old family farm it means roses and alqueria is the Arabic term conserved in our Spanish language to refer to a group of houses in the country side.

  • The Mosque of al-Baida

    The Mosque of al-Baida

    Was built inspired by the andalusian architect of the Nasrid period of Granada. It hosts more than 400 people.

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    Summer 2016 activities

    • ZAWIYA 2016

      ZAWIYA 2016

      «Los principios masculino y femenino. Qué significa ser verdaderamente un ser humano». Tenemos que aprender a hablar de un modo misericordioso, pero claro al mismo tiempo. Ojalá que quienes asistamos a Zawiya Rosales 2016 terminemos aprendiendo a cómo hablar en el mundo moderno de estos temas de un modo en que sea receptivo, pero siempre manteniendo nuestro punto de vista.



      El ‘Id es una buena ocasión para purificar los corazones, una oportunidad favorable y un momento para la reflexión y la meditación, así como para hacer revisión de nuestras almas. Es una ocasión idónea para reconciliarse con los parientes y para reforzar los lazos familiares.



      Alquería de Rosales celebrate the achievements of the past 25 years, but it is really about the future. It’s about kicking off a new decade of creation of bridges of peace and understanding between the people through the culture, history and knowledge. Most importantly, it’s about inviting you to join us.