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Alqueria de Rosales Quran School

Register now on the Quran School at Alqueria de Rosales, places are limited.

We are offering a low cost program in order to facilitate to students the opportunity of attending this special and intensive Quran program. The program will be running during this coming three months (March- May 2017).

The attendance is flexible, you can join the program on any date and for the period of time that is more convenience for you (minimum 15 days).

If you are interested please contact us by email to

and send us your Short biography .

We have limited places.

Our Qur´anic Schoool 

Praise belongs to God, the Infinitely Merciful, the Most Merciful, Who has taught us the Quran and has facilitated it, Who has revealed it and has promised to preserve it: «We sent down the Remembrance and we are responsible to preserve it» (Cor.) . He has ennobled the human being and has risen him above the rest of His creation. Blessing and Peace be upon our master and our Prophet Muhammad, who said: «The best of you are those who learn the Quran and those who teach it», and also: «Whom God wants to do good, He makes him understand the religión»; Blessings and Peace that extend to his Family, his Companions, his Wives and his Descendants, as well as to all who follow his guide and imitate his Sunna, until the Day of Judgment.

Al-Qur´an al-Karim

God says in His Glorious Book: «Collaborate mutually in piety and fear of God». And among the good deeds we find the teaching of the Book of God to the children of Muslims, as well as the teaching of the sacred language in which it was revealed, especially in this our land of al-Andalus, which for centuries was goal and destination for seekers of science and knowledge in its various fields.

Today, more than ever, we are in the necessity of educating a generation of young Muslims, and to establish a firm link between them and the Book of God, as well as instruct them in this Religion of mercy and balance, and direct them to its bright history, far from exaggerations, extremism and fundamentalism. Whoever has the Quran as a partner, will never be abandoned, and whoever takes the Book of God as Guide, will never be lost.

There is no doubt that Qur´anic teaching is fundamental in the construction of all affairs, material and spiritual. Ibn Khaldun says in his Muqaddima: «Know that teaching the Quran to children is one of the banners of religion, and Muslims are devoted to it in all the cities, to penetrate the hearts and reaffirm the faith. The Quran is the foundation of education in Islam».

Welcome to study with us 

That is the vocation of the Azzagra Foundation, based in Alqueria de Rosales, expressed in its efforts to spread the teaching and memorization of the Qur´an as well as the learning the Arabic language, the sacred language of Islam.

The Qur´anic Madrasa of Alquria de Rosales  is proud to count for the traditional education on the expertise of qualified teachers, holders of ijâzas (traditional transmission authorization) authorizing them to teach several traditional sciences.

The educational method is, in short, as follows:

Memorization of sound and spelling of the Quranic text using the traditional method of wooden boards. This is complemented with the teaching of basic formulas and rites that any Muslim needs in his daily life.

Parallel to memorizing the Quranic text by the student, something that always depends on his capacity and natural disposition, the study of so-called «auxiliary sciences» will take place, being Arabic the most important of all, with its different subjects: syntax, morphology, phonetics, etc.

Other studies 

Students whose objective is not exclusively the memorization of the Quran, can independently follow a course of Quranic Arabic in three levels. To this end, the Quranic Madrasa of Alqueria de Rosales has its own method, developed by the Department of Arabic of the Foundation. A commented translation of the classic work known as the Ajurrumiyya, made by the team of translators of Azzagra Foundation, is also used for the lessons.

Always bearing in mind that God is behind any goal, and that He guides us along the way.

«All my success depends on God, to His Will I surrender, and to Him I turn myself»

The director of the Azzagra Foundation

Abdussamad Romero


For any further information please contact

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